Why I Have Become More Pessimistic About Israel

Netanyahu’s aim, in part, is simple punishment: “Hamas will pay a heavy price for firing at Israeli citizens,” he warned. The deeper plan is to crush Hamas’s tunnels and cripple their supply lines. But while Israel’s wrath weakens Hamas operationally, it strengthens them — and other extremists — politically. No Palestinian man who watched his daughter die in an Israeli air strike will moderate his politics. Each Palestinian boy who loses his home to an Israeli bulldozer will be that much more open to the promises of radicals. Meanwhile, Israel loses support around the world.

Some would say that we’ve crossed the threshold of photos being too abundant," says Jurgenson, who’s now a researcher at Snapchat. "[Years ago] if you saw someone taking a photo you’d stop and say ‘That must be important.’ Now, you convey respect and importance by not taking a photo.